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The Family Directory Magazine is a local information magazine for parents across the Isle of Wight, it is key way to be in touch with our readers.

About The Magazine 

Distribution is through primary schools and pre schools as well as selected attractions club's classes and libraries. We have been running for 12 years.

We are free – a key point in this climate, we don’t rely on being purchased for people to see your advert!  Or do we rely on parents picking the magazine up from a supermarket. The magazine is taken home in the school bag each term,We are a well-respected magazine with a list of companies that use us issue after issue, year after year! Print run 18,000 copies per issue.

Our approach to marketing your business to  local families  is in print, online and via social media all for one price.You will receive  a free supporting editorial online and in the magazine  when you book an advert with us  also reciprocal support on Facebook & Twitter

If you would like your business to be seen in the our next magazine please drop us a email for our media pack.Our approach to marketing your business to Isle families is in print, online and via social media all for one price.



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