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Local organisations join forces to promote the ‘diverse and beautiful’ Medina Valley

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An exciting new brand has been launched for Medina Valley to position the area as a diverse, accessible
and naturally beautiful destination. A vibrant logo has been created and useful information has been
compiled to celebrate the unique characteristics of the area. Medina Valley is made up of six parishes –
Cowes, East Cowes, Gurnard, Newport, Northwood and Whippingham.

The brand has been developed for local organisations to support and enhance their marketing, and will
be freely available to use. Graham Biss, from the Medina Valley Coastal Communities Team that leads the project, commented: “This is not a commercial brand, its purpose is to help raise the profile of the wholearea and show what a fantastic destination this is.”

The initiative was launched with a trip down the Medina River on Wednesday 20th March. Graham Biss said:“We’ve been engaging with local organisations since January and have been very pleased with the interest and feedback that we have received. Now we hope that businesses will use this brand as part of theirmarketing. There are many great events and activities on our doorstep – let’s tell everyone about them.”

The identity was created by Ventnor design agency,, and inspired by the local
landscape. Designer Lindsay Robertson explained: “The Medina Estuary is the defining element of Medina
Valley - so the icon focuses on the Estuary and the surrounding natural environment. The stem of the leaf
takes the form of the flowing water.”

Text and other resources have been compiled based around five distinctive themes that highlight the rich
and varied assets within the Valley:

• 10 minutes to tranquillity: This emphasises the proximity of natural beauty and the ease of getting around.

• Scenic hues of blues & greens: This focuses on the estuary, coast and natural environment.

• The Island’s Royal quarter: This covers the long established links with the monarchy, providing a
particular focus on Queen Victoria.

• Industry & innovation: This highlights the pioneering maritime and industrial heritage, past and present.

• Your idea of fun: This summarises the recreational activities and entertainment available, on and off
the water.

Will Myles, Managing Director of Visit Isle of Wight, says: “This area has outstanding potential and there’s
such a variety of things to see and do – including spotting rare wildlife; relaxing, walking and cycling by
the river; enjoying our amazing history and industrial heritage; and everything our county town has to offer.
We wish this project every success.”


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