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Georgie , Mark,  William and Beatrice

Why do you like living in Ryde 

We love living in Ryde because it is close to the fantastic Appley beach,  It has a lot of culture, vibrant shops and has close links to the mainland.

Favourite Local Park

Puckpool Park – great for playing, exploring and fab for using scooters and bikes.

Favourite Local Club/ Class

For Beatrice we love Trinity Church Mice in Bembridge at the Cloisters on a Wednesday morning. It has fresh new activities every week, it’s educational and is a wonderful retreat for mummies too. They also both love their dance classes with Fusions Arts Academy on a Saturday morning.

Favourite Child- Friendly Restaurant

We love the Fishbourne Inn, it has a lovely atmosphere – they are always quick which is always helpful with children and their kids menu is great.

Favourite Place on the Island

Oooh it’s always so hard to pick just one, but we love Tapnell Farm and Osborne House. We have the best family days out at both.

Best Children’s Book

Both our children love The Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson, to be honest anything by Julia Donaldson. William has just got into Roald Dahl in a big way and loved these too.

Favourite beach.

It has to be Appley Beach. It is so safe and so much fun. Not just on the beach itself, but also the cycle path and sand park provide entertainment on a windy autumnal day. We also love Bembridge beach near the lifeboat, fantastic for rock pool adventures and crabbing.


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