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WTX is the first Urban Sports Academy on the Isle of Wight, teaching; free running, acrobatics and tricking, a combination of gymnastics and martial arts movements.

 Tricking is a relatively new sport popping up in all our favourite superhero films. Elements of tricking can also be seen in most modern dance performances. WightTricks is for anybody wanting to learn: flips, kicks, twists, tumbling and more!

We teach our students not only how to do flips, kicks and twists, but also about how to condition their bodies and look after themselves in a fun and engaging way, providing nutritional guidance as well as setting the scene to build good lifestyle habits.

At WightTricks we like to encourage physical activity, fitness and general wellbeing in young people on the island, especially for those that have never been interested in engaging in a ‘traditional’ sport, such as football or Rugby.

We offer an exciting alternative sport, focusing on coaching others to use acrobatic manoeuvres as a physical outlet.

We have clubs in both Cowes and Ryde, and currently have over 100 active memberships. Our club offers a range of price options for different levels of interest, but with greater emphasis on group classes.

To get in contact

visit our website;, check out our Facebook page @WightTricksAcademy, or send us an email at

Photo by Bruno Nascimento


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