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Rugbytots is a FUNand ENERGETICplay session for boys and girls aged 2-7 helping them develop balance, coordination and agility whilst teaching them the values of teamwork, improving their communication and social interaction skills and increasing their self confidence.  We run regular and holiday classes, get in touch for a FREE trial and give it a TRY!

We are offering to do a free session (or a few small group sessions on one day) up to 2 hours, at any Nursery, Pre-School or Primary School.  Space is a consideration but we can do it indoors or out (weather permitting) and can tailor the exercises and games to suit, we use soft foam balls so simple passing and catching and teamwork games can be done even in a relatively small space.  Get in touch if you'd like us to come and do a FREE session at YOUR school! Email


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