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Ocean Film Festival World Tour returns this Autumn

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Live theatre shows: September - November 2021

The Ocean Film Festival is back for autumn 2021 with a brand-new collection of the world’s most  inspirational ocean-themed films, from below and above the surface. 

Returning as a live theatre tour, the Ocean Film Festival features a selection of short films starring  wild seafaring voyages, extreme watersports and marine conservation from the least explored  depths of the planet.  

“We can’t wait to set sail back into theatres with our latest inspirational collection of ocean films,”  says tour director Nell Teasdale.  

“Witness intrepid human-powered challenges, mind-boggling marine life and incredible ocean  cinematography, without getting your feet wet!” 

The Ocean Film Festival originated in Australia, with the aim of inspiring people to explore, respect,  enjoy and protect the oceans. As well as mesmerising films, each screening will see a free prize  giveaway to win ocean-related goodies. None of the films on the live tour were shown in the Ocean  Film Festival’s virtual events over lockdown. 

“We’re so excited to share our latest collection of films and to bring together ocean-loving  communities around the UK,” adds Nell. “So dive into a night of ocean adventure – up on the big  screen!” To find out more, watch the trailer and book tickets, visit


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