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Rock Star Dress-Up Day

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Graham Andre, Maths Lead:

“As a school one of our targets is to raise the profile of maths in school and home. Often parents will have a far from positive experience with maths at school (I know I did) and this negativity towards it can impact on their children. We have started a fortnightly maths newsletter and invested in the ‘TT Rocks Stars’ app for the whole school. We contacted the creators of the app who said it would be a good idea to launch on #Numberday and dress up as rock stars! We loved this idea and the Lanesend community embraced it as well.

We had a day full of maths activities with a focus on careers that require maths, the app has already been a hit with the children and adults alike and we hope that it helps foster a love of maths not just in our school but at home as well.”

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