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Tree climbing with Goodleaf – brilliant fun you can have in the great outdoors. Bring your friends and family and hang out in our magnificent 70ft oak tree in Appley Park, Ryde. You'll enjoy a two-hour climbing experience, with everything on hand to help you learn the ropes - quite literally.

Our friendly and experienced staff will teach you our unique climbing technique and before you know it you'll be ascending into the canopy. Challenge yourself to climb higher and higher or just take it easy, soak in the amazing experience of being high in the canopy and relax in one of our high-up hammocks.

How about a birthday party in the branches? We have a special rate for children's birthday parties and we offer discounts for groups of 3 or more. This year we're also branching out to different locations so make sure you get on our mailing list at to keep on top of everything we have going on under the Goodleaf canopy.


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