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Explore, Discover & Learn at Ryde School

Beach and Forest School sessions have long been a part of school life in the Junior School and Fiveways, the pre-prep and prep sections of Ryde School. Alongside the vibrant academic curriculum, children spend time immersed in nature, learning skills invaluable to their wider development, broadening their learning through discovery; building confidence and fostering their natural desire to learn and explore.

At the heart of a school day is a traditional academic curriculum, enriched with an introduction to Spanish, Mandarin and Latin and a wide ranging extra-curricular programme. Inter-schools maths challenges, explosive science sessions in the Science Labs and fun, educational residential trips like a night in a museum or a trip to Valencia help children ignite their passion for learning.

Team sports matches against other schools, on and off the Island and sailing competitions in the School’s own fleet of dinghies also embed the team spirit and healthy competition that are part of the School ethos.For more information please call 01983 617970 or email


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