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In difficult times, artists have always found a way of expressing themselves. GCSE and A Level student artists at Ryde School continued to work and be creative during the first lockdown and continued to produce work to a high standard. Having not had the chance to celebrate their artwork successes because of the Covid-19 virus, these students are now going to get the chance to exhibit their work in a professional Art Gallery, The Monkton Arts in Ryde, which will have an exhibition of a variety of student work (Covid-19 restrictions allowing). The content of the exhibition is wide ranging, with students sharing their work in a variety of mediums.

The range of work exhibited, will showcase student fine art line drawings, paintings, graphic media, textiles and photography. All of the work has been generated from within the GCSE and A Level coursework from 2018-20. 

Art Teacher, Jemma Ratcliff is proud of how well the students have coped and even thrived in this new environment. ‘We are so lucky to have such talented and hardworking student artists and I am delighted that they have the opportunity to show off the creative 'fruits of their labour' and celebrate the success of their work, which became overlooked by the Covid virus this summer.' 

The exhibition will be running December 10-18 at Monkton Arts, Monkton Street Ryde. (Or digitally on the school website if current Covid-19 restriction are still in place)

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