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  • "To keep the Island safe you need to follow the rules - they are essential. It's the person that's wearing the face-covering that's perhaps saving someone else's life," says 80-year-old, lifelong Islander, Barry.

    Barry's, or grandad's, life has changed since the pandemic began - from daily school run duties before March, to not seeing his grandchildren for months except when they drop off essential food for him and grandma who was shielding.

    He celebrated his landmark 80th birthday in mid-July, not with the many friends he'd hope for, but with a small, socially-distanced family barbecue.

  • Now, however, grandad is back on the school run. He (alone) meets grandson Elliott, at a distance in order to see him safely to and from class.

    You can meet with one person from another household in a public outdoor place under the current national restrictions. The mixing of households isn't allowed.

    "I can't go to my grandma and grandad's house, which I really miss," said eight-year-old Elliott.

    "The baddest thing is I can't see anybody - I can't high-five them or hug them, because we have to stay at a distance. You have to wash your hands, wear a face-covering and keep your distance. I'm staying at home to keep the Island safe."

    Barry added: "The main thing is, everybody's got to have a bit of common sense and follow the rules."

Do you have a story to tell that could inspire others or give them some advice? Has COVID-19 affected you or your family? We'd be keen to hear from you so that we can show the real impact of this virus to others and encourage more people to help usĀ #KeepTheIslandSafe. Email to share your story.


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