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This October fairy doors popped up all over the Isle of Wight at National Trust places. The Family Directory has been reliably informed that though the fairies are obviously behind this, they had a little bit of help from the team behind Forest Fables at Mottistone Manor, an immersive theatrical show created to comply with covid-19 guidelines opening this Christmas.

Clues in the form of poems read aloud popped up on the National Trust’s instagram encouraging little ones to crack the codes and find the locations of the fairy doors. It appears that there are five doors in total, which create five brilliant adventures!

The wonderful little doors have already been the focus of a fair few family days out and have been found by lots of little ones and their families. Some children have even left painted stones, their own leafy decorations, handmade fairy props made from natural materials, and notes with well wishes for the little residents. If you’d like to find the fairy doors for yourself, head to to follow the clues.

All across the Isle of Wight, 

Creatures hide just out of sight. 

And little elven folk do dwell, 

'Neath the Earth, until Spring's bell

Chimes aloud and signals waken!

And so the Winter is forsaken.

Can you find the fairy doors?

Can you hear the little snores?

From creatures who've been hard at work,

Now asleep beneath the dirt.

For tickets to Forest Fables at Mottistone Manor head to


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