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Every year, children on the Isle of Wight will require foster carers. Whether their parents have been taken ill, find themselves unable to cope with the demands of childcare, or through more tragic circumstances, these children need your help.Foster carers will take children into their own home for a temporary period - a month, a year or sometimes longer - to help them thrive, with the help of a specialist team, in a caring and a safe environment and help them build their future.

 As an IOW foster carer, you will be given the opportunity to provide a secure and loving home for a child that needs change and direction. You will change the lives of children within your local community, and they will change yours, too. For further information on the Isle of Wight Council's Foster Care services, including the information you will need regarding becoming a foster carer, please visit our website: less

Are you considering becoming a Foster Carer with the Isle of Wight Council?
Join our live Q&A event where you will meet the team and learn more about our service.

Social Workers from both the assessment and support hubs will be taking you through an informal presentation, with topics that include:
• Understanding ‘what is Fostering?’
• Why Foster with us
• The assessment process
• Training and personal development
• Ongoing support
Regardless of what stage you are at, this is a perfect opportunity to explore Fostering further. 

Follow the link to join us in Microsoft Teams:


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