October 24


Portsmouth’s Mary Rose invites you to celebrate diversity with The Many Faces of Tudor England exhibition

As part of a revitalised offer for Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, the Mary Rose is delighted to announce the continuation of The Many Faces of Tudor England exhibition.

In light of the ongoing conversations tackling racial inequalities within society, the Mary Rose felt The Many Faces of Tudor England exhibition has a role to play within this conversation.  It encourages visitors to explore how diverse Tudor England was.

Were the crew of the Mary Rose white Englishmen or did diversity reign on board Henry VIII’s favourite warship? What did they look like? Where were they born and what was their genetic heritage? The Many Faces of Tudor England exhibition explores the latest scientific and genealogical findings into the crew of the Mary Rose. Through interactive screens, documentary footage, print material and a reproduction of an intriguing crew member nicknamed Henry – the exhibition helps us answer important questions about the crew.

Pioneering and internationally recognised historian, writer and presenter, Dr Onyeka Nubia (FRHisS) says ‘The Many Faces of Tudor England — helps us see another England, whose faces we do not know, whose voices we have never heard and whose stories have been forgotten. It is an England that is closer and further away from our perceptions and polemics, and it is absolutely fascinating.’


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