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Calling all parents Dance – Healing – Fitness our the main aims of Movement Junkie, time to have some fun. Movement Junkie run dance/ fitness/ movement classes, 1-2-1 sessions, workshops, events, parties, holidays.. and now online Zoom classes ! Get fit, having fun, making new friends and ultimately feeling like you’re NOT exercising.

From DANCE GROOVE (dance fitness) mixing LOTS of different music + dance styles.. To getting your Rio-style carnival groove on in BRAZILIAN SAMBA!.. To Tripping the Light Fantastic in TIP TOP TAP!.. To calming it all down in DANCE CHILLAX.. To building poise, strength + flexibility in GO BALLETIC.. We’re sure to have something to suit your needs! 

And, now We’re ZOOMING YOU!  Join us in DANCE GROOVE, CHILLAX, SAMBA or, GO BALLETIC to experience our classes online via Zoom.  If you’ve never danced with us before your FIRST ZOOM class is FREE!  

To book your FREE class today contact:
Melanie 07854082641 or,


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