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Why do you like living in Brading

  Jack, Róisín and Rónán Mullins-Jacobs

Why do you like living in Brading - The people are so warm and friendy here in Brading, and the countryside is beautiful. There is always a local event to take Rónán to, and we have a great sense of community spirit. Rónán has enjoyed entering artistic entries at the horticultural fair, scarecrow festival and Brading in Bloom so far, and has won lots of prizes. He gets his art skills from his Father Jack who sells pub sign artwork, as part of a long running family business. There are also great events at the Brading Railway Station and Brading Roman Villa such as the Highland Gathering, Easter Fair and 1940's fair. 

Favourite Local Park - Rónán likes to play with his Father Jack in Appley Park, whilst his Mother Róisín is teaching dance at St.Mary's School in Ryde. It is such a lovely place with sea views, always well kept and peacful. He likes to run around and play football and rugby.

Favourite Local Club/ Class  - Rónán really enjoys Tiny Dancers, a dance class for babies, at his Mother's dance school  the Róisín Mullins Dance Academy in Brading, which offers Irish Dancing as well as modern and classical styles. He also gets active at Rugby Tots in Sandown with Ralph Hawtin, and loves to play with the toys at the Parents Breakfast in Brading run by Jane Morris.


Favourite Child- Friendly Restaurant - We like dining at twin pubs the Bugle Inn, Brading and The Caulkheads, Sandown which are perfect for our family, with large outside play areas, and family friendly menus.

Favourite Place on the Island - Shanklin Chine is a magical place we have visited many times, that always manages to stun us with its natural beauty. On a recent visit Rónán had so much fun watching the waterfalls. We also love Arreton Barns and the individual craft shops.

Best Children’s Book - 'That's not my Train' is Rónán's favourite book, he loves trains and likes to watch them go through the tunnels in Brading and Ryde. The drivers always wave to him, as does his Father Jack, when commuting daily to the mainland to manage hotels, which Rónán finds so exciting.

Favourite beach - Sandown, as it is absolutey stunning, and beautiful any time of day, whether busy or quiet. It is such a joy to live so close to a sandy beach after relocating from the mainland. We are also very lucky to have a children's area at Sandham Gardens by the beach, where Rónán can play.

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