About Microsites

What is a Microsite?

A microsite is just like a mini website or weblet which acts as a professional, extended on-line banner ad providing your potential new customers with a route to information about your business, products and services.

Why would having a microsite help me and our business?

Even if you have have a website already this is a fast, economical way to start making your online presence known through the ‘The Family Directory’ network of contacts. Because ‘The Family Directory’ are already operating a successful website which is well optimised and attracting targeted ‘design and development related’ traffic, you can over time get your business known on our site to our web users. When people browse our directory online and find your business, people want and expect to be able to find out more about your service prices and where you operate from.

We already have a website, why would I need a microsite?

Adding a microsite is still very beneficial, if you have a website already you will probably know how hard and expensive it is to get a good Google ranking and targeted traffic to your website. As mentioned above ‘The Family Directory’ is already getting thousands of users viewing its site per month and these are potentially your new customers for you too.

How much is this going to cost?

We will build your business a customised page with the information, pictures and logo you provide us with, host it and update it for you for an annual subscription of just £99. We believe you will not find a service and price that delivers like our microsites anywhere else. We have kept our pricing as low as possible as we want to encourage both large and small businesses to benefit online through ‘The Family Directory’ and support us in our mission to promote the Isle of Wight throughout the world.

Combining our search engine friendly website content management system with bespoke SEO services, we aspire to provide our promotional microsite owners with a steady supply of hot business leads!






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